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Modernization of a European Airport CMMS

Ivy Partners supported a prominent European airport in its mission to modernize its Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

The project encompassed over 200 users, demanding a comprehensive blend of technical upgrades and skillful change management.


Why Nearshoring is More Than Just Cost Efficiency

Explore the many benefits of nearshore outsourcing beyond just cost efficiency. Understand its influence on talent access, business scalability, faster time-to-market, and emerging technology adoption. Gain insights into choosing the perfect nearshore partner for sustainable innovation and robust business expansion.


Future of Data Analysis with AI

In the ever-changing universe of information technology, data analysis plays a crucial role. In this interview, Naguib, a BI and Data Engineer at Ivy Partners, provides a unique insight into the potential impact of these technologies on the future of data analysis in the business world.

Ivy Life

Exploring the Impact of Travel on Personal Growth

Elodie, a talent recruiter manager at IVY Partners, decided to take a career break to embark on an incredible camping-car adventure with her family. This journey transformed her perspective on life and work, offering unforgettable moments and valuable lessons.

Ivy Life

From Hobby to Work: How Pursuing Talents Can Benefit You Professionally

In today’s world, work-life balance is essential, and finding a hobby that you are passionate about can be an excellent way to achieve it. Did you know that your hobbies can also help you develop valuable skills that can benefit your career? From painting to singing and sewing, we will explore how pursuing your hobbies can translate to personal and professional growth.

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