Modernization of a European Airport CMMS

Ivy Partners supported a prominent European airport in its mission to modernize its Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

The project encompassed over 200 users, demanding a comprehensive blend of technical upgrades and skillful change management.

Data architecture enhancement 

Discover how we helped a leader in insurance triple their data processing speed by optimizing their data architecture and leveraging advanced cloud technologies.

Government Digitization & Modernization

IVY Partners supports a Swiss Canton State Council through the modernisation and digitisation of meetings, communications and business authorizations.

Business intelligence solution for Swiss luxury watchmaking

IVY Partners has partnered with a leading luxury watch company to deliver a comprehensive Data Intelligence solution, enhancing their decision-making tools and optimizing business operations.

Meet Gwladys, IT PMO Consultant

Discover Glawdys’s journey as an IT PMO consultant with IVY Partners. Learn about her role, her experiences since becoming a part of our team, and gain insights into her perspective on women’s representation in the IT industry.

Meet Severine, SAP QM consultant

Discover Severine’s journey as an SAP QM consultant with IVY Partners. Explore her role, challenges, and views on women’s representation in the IT landscape.

A new Managing Partner in Zug

Meet Michael Glaub, the new Managing Partner at IVY Partners who will lead the opening of our Zurich office.

Celebrating 3 Years of Growth and Innovation

As we mark our 3rd anniversary, we take a moment to reflect on our global expansion, and unwavering commitment to our clients, partners, and dedicated team.”

How AI is impacting the future of the luxury watch industry

Discover how the integration of artificial intelligence is transforming the watchmaking industry, from quality control to predicting maintenance needs.

Why Nearshoring is More Than Just Cost Efficiency

Explore the many benefits of nearshore outsourcing beyond just cost efficiency. Understand its influence on talent access, business scalability, faster time-to-market, and emerging technology adoption. Gain insights into choosing the perfect nearshore partner for sustainable innovation and robust business expansion.

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