Clients stories

Project scope

Our client’s challenges

After relocating its headquarters, our client had to comply with regulatory requirements, specifically the ‘Bank Supervisory Requirements for IT’ (BAIT), which mandated stricter management of employee access rights to critical applications.

  •  Manage a complex access rights model with over 20,000 types of access.
  • Adapt the RBAC model to the bank’s geographic and risk specificities while ensuring integration with the existing technical environment.

Our Solution

Faced with complex challenges related to compliance and access rights management, IVY Partners played a crucial role as a technical coordinator, facilitating synergy between the project team in Germany and the technical and operational teams in Geneva with an agile communication and approach.

  • Development of precise technical specifications from regulatory and business requirements.
  • Definition of specific business roles for each Business Line (BL)
  • Development of a new internal tool dedicated to the management of access requests.
  • Implementation of a complete Audit Trail, accessible via Tableau to ensure accurate and compliant tracking.

The Outcomes

Development and delivery of a functional MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for this BL, integrating role request management, 4-eyes checks, access attribution, and tracking via an audit trail.

Definition of 11 specific business roles within a bank’s Business Line (BL) in 3 months.

Correction of critical audit points to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

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