How Can Your Mindset Affect Your Career Growth?

Is your mindset limiting your prospects and career growth? Learn about fixed and growth mindsets to start enjoying more professional growth and satisfaction.

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Moving More at Work

Feeling unfocused, restless, or overly stressed at work? It turns out that increased physical activity like walking may just be the solution you need.

How to Keep Your Remote Team Motivated

Manage your remote team effectively with these strategies that will keep them happy, satisfied, and motivated to perform well.

Chief Happiness Officer – The importance of workplace wellbeing

In the following interview, we meet Emmanuelle de Cannière, who recently joined us as our HR Director and Chief Happiness Officer. She explains her role as a CHO and how companies have no choice but to place the well-being of their employees at the forefront of their strategy to retain them and recruit new talent more efficiently.

Why Caring Leadership Is the Right Way To Lead

Emotional intelligence is a critical leadership soft skill. Understanding what employees might be thinking or feeling in certain situations helps managers support the staff.

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