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From Hobby to Work: How Pursuing Talents Can Benefit You Professionally

In today’s world, work-life balance is essential, and finding a hobby that you are passionate about can be an excellent way to achieve it. Did you know that your hobbies can also help you develop valuable skills that can benefit your career? From painting to singing and sewing, we will explore how pursuing your hobbies can translate to personal and professional growth.

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Women in IT : Meet Carolina

Meet Carolina Nogues, IT apprentice at Ivy Partners who is currently pursuing studies in computer science. She shares with us her journey, the motivations that led her to move towards digital, and her advice for all the other girls who would like to do the same.

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Living abroad: Wessame’s experience in Lisbon

Wessame left her work and life in Paris to move to Lisbon and start a new adventure as an International Talent Recruiter at Ivy Partners.
She shares her experience, her advice for a successful integration abroad, and her opinion on Lisbon and Portugal.

Ivy Life Leadership

Chief Happiness Officer – The importance of workplace wellbeing

In the following interview, we meet Emmanuelle de Cannière, who recently joined us as our HR Director and Chief Happiness Officer. She explains her role as a CHO and how companies have no choice but to place the well-being of their employees at the forefront of their strategy to retain them and recruit new talent more efficiently.

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About the founders: A People-first approach

In this interview, we meet Daniel, Jean-Manuel and Yoann, the co-founders of Ivy Partners to learn about their vision for the firm, their plans for the future, discuss entrepreneurship and much more.

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Go after your dreams, no one will go for you.

Elodie, Recruiting Manager at Ivy Partners, is about to embark on a 1-year camping-car adventure around Europe with her family. Read more about her project and why she decided to take a career break, reconnect with her family and build lifelong memories together.

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