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In the following interview, we meet with Samuel, Cloud Engineer and DevOps at Ivy Partners who describes his role, mission and the skills required to perform in this role.

What is your background ?

I studied computer science and computer networks for five years in France to obtain a university degree in technology and an engineering degree. After that, I did a work-study program for three years during my engineering school. I had a mission as a web project manager at Enedis (manager of the electricity distribution network in France).
I then worked for two years as a system and network engineer in production for a web host, then a year and a half as an integration project manager in the banking sector (online stock market) before joining Ivy Partners.

What is the difference between a Cloud and Devops Engineer?

  • The Cloud Engineer can design, deploy or manage IT solutions based on cloud computing. It helps companies to set up services (applications, websites, software, etc.) on cloud computing platforms. This may concern new services or migrations of services hosted on-premises. The cloud engineer therefore has good knowledge of one or more Cloud providers, of information systems in general, of the technical integration of applications and of web hosting
  • A DevOps engineer, on the other hand, works with developers and operations teams to facilitate software deployments and certain tasks. It offers and implements tools and processes to automate integration (functional testing and code quality verification, for example) and deployments.

What is your mission ?

I work with a leading Swiss media company to integrate and maintain solutions to hosting issues concerning their websites. These involve migrations (to the cloud in particular), automation of deployments, monitoring implementation, high availability, improvement of the robustness and resilience of systems, obsolescence management, etc.

What do you like most about your mission?

The diversity of technologies and projects stimulates me greatly, as does being in a perpetual learning process.

 Your job in 3 words

  • Learning: I learn naturally every day and it is also a daily job to monitor so as to avoid being overwhelmed by new technologies, updates and security issues.
  • Service: the infrastructure exists because there is a need. We are at the service of developers, stakeholders, and indirectly users. The sense of service is, therefore important.
  • Technology: these fields are vast and constantly evolving with much innovation.

What skills are needed to perform in your job?

  • You must be very curious and have a certain open-mindedness or mental agility to understand new technologies better.
  •  It is vital to have a good sense of service.
  •  You also have to be very pragmatic and rational in your technical and project management approaches so as to maintain sight of the often very simple and down-to-earth objectives.
  •  Technically, you need solid system knowledge (Linux and/or Windows) and networks, and experience in programming. Development experience can also be advantageous.

Ivy Partners in 3 words

  • Conviviality
  • Trust
  • Ambition

Why did you decide to join Ivy Partners?

A bit of a start-up and entrepreneurial spirit in terms of dynamics, size and promising prospects. The fact of taking part in an adventure which had just started attracted me particularly. Since joining, the company has been growing very quickly, expanding into new markets, and attracting many more new talents.

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