Meet Gwladys, IT PMO Consultant

Discover Glawdys’s journey as an IT PMO consultant with IVY Partners. Learn about her role, her experiences since becoming a part of our team, and gain insights into her perspective on women’s representation in the IT industry.

Business intelligence solution for Swiss luxury watchmaking

IVY Partners has partnered with a leading luxury watch company to deliver a comprehensive Data Intelligence solution, enhancing their decision-making tools and optimizing business operations

A new Managing Partner in Zug

Meet Michael Glaub, the new Managing Partner at IVY Partners who will lead the opening of our Zurich office.

Celebrating 3 Years of Growth and Innovation

As we mark our 3rd anniversary, we take a moment to reflect on our global expansion, and unwavering commitment to our clients, partners, and dedicated team.”

Meet our Expert: Samuel, Cloud and Devops Engineer

Meet Samuel, Cloud Engineer and DevOps at Ivy Partners who describes his role, mission and the skills required to perform in this role.

Meet our expert: Brice, Scrum Master

Meet Brice, Scrum Master, who describes his role, mission and challenges as well as his experience at Ivy Partners

Women in IT : Meet Carolina

Meet Carolina Nogues, IT apprentice at Ivy Partners who is currently pursuing studies in computer science. She shares with us her journey, the motivations that led her to move towards digital, and her advice for all the other girls who would like to do the same.

How Can Your Mindset Affect Your Career Growth?

Is your mindset limiting your prospects and career growth? Learn about fixed and growth mindsets to start enjoying more professional growth and satisfaction.

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Moving More at Work

Feeling unfocused, restless, or overly stressed at work? It turns out that increased physical activity like walking may just be the solution you need.

How to Keep Your Remote Team Motivated

Manage your remote team effectively with these strategies that will keep them happy, satisfied, and motivated to perform well.

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