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IVY Partners supports a Swiss Canton State Council through the modernisation and digitisation of meetings, communications and business authorizations.

Project scope:

  • Size: 150 users
  • Industry: Local government
  • Location: Switzerland

National, regional and local governments face many challenges modernizing their IT and communications in the times of COVID and growing political or regional uncertainties. Like many others, they face shrinking budgets, pressure for accountability and growing disruption to traditional meeting patterns with remote work limitations.

Government agencies can leverage technology to streamline processes, improving efficiency and becoming much more cost-effective. 

The project objective

IVY Partners was tasked to help modernize and digitize the management of the Council meetings and its protocol agenda, orchestrated through an application used by members of the State Council. This task, along with adding clarity to the protocol and agenda, required updates and development of the architecture, business processes, design and the implementation of mobile and web applications.

The project goals were to improve the user experience in arranging and understanding the topics’ meetings, enabling members to focus on the key subjects rather than administrative tasks. To streamline meetings and their results, documents needed to be more accessible and enabled for annotations to improve minute-taking.   

Our Solution

The application is an in-house product that enables easy consultation through iOS tablets for meetings and documents of the Council of State and formal agendas.

The expected modernization focused on 3 key areas:

  • Enabling offline consultation for documents  and adding annotation features to map their previous paper-behaviour
  • Make the current process of State council meeting (preparation and meeting) smoother by leveraging the mobile technology
  • Providing a highly secure environment on the tablet application

IVY Partners handled the design, user experience, development and integration of the application to deliver an easy-to-use solution in line with their existing branding.

The technology behind the implemented solution includes:

  • Stack Technologies
  • iOS, Objective-C, Swift, Java, JEE, Angular, Xcode, IntelliJ, Oracle
  • CMIS (Specific protocol relating to the exchange of documentary data) and REST API
  • Exchange protocols, security, meeting the confidential frameworks imposed by the State Council
  • Mobile MDM solution enabled by Mobile Iron.

The outcome

The project delivered a tablet application that provided a unified grouping of members’ diaries, agendas and key documents for Council meetings.

  • Update and launch the original web application with new services and features integrated into it.
  • Provision of personalized protocol agendas for members.
  • Allowing consultation documents for member sessions, either online or offline, using encryption and high security to protect sensitive information.
  • Ability to annotate objects and documents in a personalized way to improve collaboration during meetings.
  • Integration of the granularity of business authorizations present in the existing internal system.
  • Ivy Partners maintains its role, responsible for the maintenance and further development of the project

Benefits for the Council and its users

  • Productivity improvement, saving time for the Council and administrators thanks to online storage and instant accessibility.
  • Can be used via an offline mode on tablets allowing the users to work on highly-secure sensitive documents anywhere.
  • Paper usage reduction, with digital document management and saving on the cost of printing
  • Process and department unification – everyone can use the latest version of a document and work on it without creating duplicates, improving decision making and reducing the risk of human error.
  • Improve process and decision-making speed and efficiency, saving time and money through automation.
  • Addresses all three key business improvement areas: transparency, engagement, and efficiency, key to adding value for government services.


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