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Severine’s journey in IT began with her involvement in an SAP deployment project in 2014, where she recognized the potential of digital solutions, especially in data structuration. This resonated with her quality-oriented mindset, prompting her to get trained in SAP.

Severine, an expert SAP consultant at IVY Partners, wears many hats in her role. From understanding the specific requirements of different business units within our client’s group to ensuring post-deployment support, she plays an instrumental part in bridging the gap between technicalities and business needs.

As an SAP QM consultant, what are the key aspects of your role?

  • Aligning and Identifying Gaps: I align business needs with SAP QM functionalities and identify where the solution might not fully meet specific quality needs.
  • Proposing Solutions: When the business’s requirements diverge from our SAP QM setup, I suggest adaptations or recommend necessary adjustments.
  • Drafting Technical Specifications: For any SAP QM customization or enhancement, I draft technical specs to guide our technical team.
  • Testing: to ensure the QM functionalities align with the expected outcomes and standards.
  • Training:  end-users like quality managers and inspectors on the module, ensuring they understand new features or changes and can effectively utilize the module.
  • Post-Deployment Support: I offer continuous support post-deployment, addressing any issues to guarantee the SAP solution’s effectiveness.

What do you like most in your role?

  • The interaction with various business stakeholders
  • Understanding their unique working methods
  • Leveraging my extensive experience to recommend best practices.

Are there any particular challenges you face in your role?

I’d say grasping the industry-specific terminologies, simplifying complex technical tools for business comprehension, and adapting my communication according to my audience.

Your job in 3 words?

  • Listen: Allowing the business to express their practices before proposing solutions.
  • Propose: Evaluating discrepancies, assessing risks, and offering a range of solutions without imposing.
  • Educate: Sharing knowledge to empower users.

What skills do you believe are necessary for success in your role?

  • Adaptability
  • An open mindset
  • Capacity to train others

What motivated you to join IVY Partners?

The exciting client project I was presented with, the positive impressions during my interviews, and the warm, family-like atmosphere at IVY Partners played a significant role in my decision.

IVY Partners in three words?

  • Dynamism: the vibrant energy and innovative approach
  • Well-being: the care and attention given to employee wellness
  • Conviviality: a friendly and harmonious environment

Have you faced obstacles in your career because of your gender?

Expressing a viewpoint, especially when it doesn’t align with the expected norm, is often more negatively perceived when it comes from a woman than from a man.

Additionally, there’s the issue of wage disparity, with women generally earning less than men, even when skills and qualifications are the same.

What do you think the IT industry can do to attract and retain more women in technical roles?

It’s not just about changes within the IT industry. It’s more about shifting society’s perception of women.

Several outdated beliefs still persist, like:

  • The idea that a woman who choose to have children, cannot assume roles of responsibility. Child care is often a shared responsibility with partners or extended family.
  • The stereotype that women are weaker and hence cannot work on construction sites or be involved in tasks like mechanics.

As for the IT world, it’s a domain where there’s often a lack of communication. I think that women, with their innate ability to communicate, could be a considerable asset to the industry.

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