Meet Hugo Oliveira, our new Managing Partner in Portugal .

Modernization of outdated applications

Update five old applications with modern Angular 14 and Spring Boot 3 technologies, maintaining functionality while boosting security and performance.

Technical project coordination for regulatory compliance

Discover our project management excellence in aligning a Swiss bank’s operations with BAIT regulations, ensuring seamless access control and compliance through strategic planning and agile collaboration.

Development of a Common Component Library

Discover how we developed a centralized Angular library for UI components, streamlined distribution with CI/CD pipelines, and improved development efficiency across projects.

Project management in the access rights team

Our project management strategy in a Swiss bank focused on simplifying access rights management, alleviating team workloads, and enhancing operational efficiency and security.

Development of a QR code application

Supporting a Swiss bank, we updated an ATM QR Code management application in Vaud, showcasing our expertise in app development through improved scalability, user experience, and security.

Project management for the implementation of a cloud identity federation for SaaS applications

Discover IVY Partners‘ project management expertise in guiding a Swiss bank’s Cloud Identity Federation project with Azure Entra ID, ensuring seamless implementation and heightened security.

Transforming finance: a cloud strategy that will save £15 millions

A global asset manager company partnered with IVY Partners, realizing £15M savings through through a strategic cloud migration plan.

Modernization of Information Systems and Data Management

See how IVY Partners helped a global civil engineering firm cut costs by 30% and enhance efficiency through modernizing data management and adopting advanced analytics.

Big Data Migration

Discover how we quadrupled the data processing efficiency of a public carrier, combining process optimization and change management for increased efficiency.

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