Project scope


This project focused on enhancing an established application designed to facilitate the creation and management of QR Codes for ATMs across the Canton of Vaud for a Swiss bank. The primary goal was to refine the application to allow users to easily withdraw specified amounts of money using these QR Codes.

Team role and achievements

Architecture update

Scalability of the application.

Development of new features

Creation of a new screen for displaying, managing, and canceling QR Codes, integrating advanced search and filtering functions.

User experience optimization

Implementation of a preference memory system to improve the user interface.

Close collaboration with back-end

Coordination with the Back-End team to ensure feature alignment and integrity.


The enhancements made to the application have significantly streamlined the process of creating and managing QR Codes, leading to a better user experience. Additionally, these improvements have bolstered the application’s security, providing users with a safer way to conduct their transactions.

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