Project scope

Our client’s challenges

In a renowned Swiss private bank, the manual management of access rights by the operational team increases the workload and operational risk, leading to employee frustration.

  • High workload and dependence on many manual processes within the operational teams.
  • Work overload of teams preventing their involvement in improvement initiatives.
  • Lack of investment in process improvement from the company
  • Resistance to change within the team.

Our Solution

As a unique project manager, our mission was to simplify and optimize operational processes to lighten the workload and reduce risks, while improving the employee and client experience.

  • We coordinated cross-functional stakeholders and closely monitored the operational team to identify, frame, and implement improvement initiatives.
  • Utilizing Agile/Lean team analyses, we pinpointed optimization opportunities and fostered ongoing collaboration to unearth further potential enhancements.
  • Initiatives were categorized by type of workload (project, process, execution) and managed within JIRA (project board, Kanban, backlog) to prioritize tasks efficiently and track execution progress.
  • Managing deadlines while facilitating effective communication within and between teams, as well as ensuring regular reporting to management, was integral to our approach.

The Outcomes

Completion of 11 out of 38 identified initiatives in 3 months, generating an operational gain of 58 man-days per year and a significant reduction in associated costs.

Successful contribution to 2 significant cross-functional projects (i.e., changing the name of a banking application, launching a pilot for a new mobile application).

Improved risk management through process automation and security.

Significant improvement in employee and client experience through reduced processing times.

Connect with us to leverage our expertise in project management within the financial sector. We’re dedicated to assisting you in achieving successful project completions, ensuring punctual delivery, seamless integration, and heightened security at every step.

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