Meet Severine, SAP QM consultant

Severine’s journey in IT began with her involvement in an SAP deployment project in 2014, where she recognized the potential of digital solutions, especially in data structuration. This resonated with her quality-oriented mindset, prompting her to get trained in SAP. Severine, an expert SAP consultant at IVY Partners, wears many hats in her role. From […]

How AI is Redefining the Manufacturing Industry

The luxury watch industry has long been associated with precision, craftsmanship, and exclusivity. However, in the face of rapid technological advancement, the industry is embracing a new transformation, driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). From manufacturing to marketing and customer engagement, AI is reshaping the landscape of luxury watchmaking. The transformative role of AI Enhanced Quality […]

Future of Data Analysis with AI

In the ever-evolving universe of information technology, data analysis holds a pivotal role. In this interview, Naguib, a BI and Data Engineer at IVY Partners, gives us a unique insight into the impact of these technologies on the future of data analysis. How will AI and machine learning shape the future of business data analysis? […]

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