Clients stories

Project scope

Our client’s challenges

A leading Swiss private bank is faced with the lack of centralized identity and access management for SaaS, increasing operational risks.

  • Lack of identity federation and centralized access governance, affecting collaboration and secure access control.
  • Manual and time-consuming process of onboarding SaaS applications, leading to errors and frustration.
  • Strong dependence on on-premise infrastructures, limiting the agility needed to respond to technological developments and secure data.

Our Solution

IVY Partners orchestrated the design and deployment of a Cloud Identity Federation solution based on Azure Entra ID to simplify and secure access to SaaS applications, optimize onboarding processes, and reduce operational delays and risks.

Global project management

  • Define objectives, manage the budget, and track deadlines to ensure timely project delivery.
  • Design of the target architecture ensuring it is secure, scalable, and aligned with business objectives.

Technology adoption and team coordination

  • Lead the integration of new technologies like Terraform, by training and supporting technical and business teams for smooth adoption.
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration between technical and business stakeholders for seamless implementation.

Monitoring and communication

  • Monitor deliverables, identify and resolve issues, while regularly communicating progress, successes, and challenges to staff and management.
  • Manage change initiatives to minimize disruptions and ensure a smooth transition to new solutions.

The Outcomes

  • Steering the adoption of Azure Entra ID for improved authentication and authorization.
  • Facilitating the transition to an automated, as-code onboarding process with Terraform.
  • Migration of the infrastructure from the on-site model to a cloud-based solution, reducing dependence.
  • Creation of a framework for conditional access and governance of administrative rights.
  • Establishment of a cyber-surveillance protocol according to best practices.

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