Clients stories

Project scope

A global civil engineering company aiming to modernize its outdated information management systems to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. Partnering with IVY Partners, the initiative focused on upgrading data management tools and processes to leverage the high value of their data and align with latest technological advancements.

Client Challenges

  • Reliance on outdated data management tools (CSV, Excel, emails). 
  • Limited tech knowledge among leadership, overlooking modern technology benefits. 
  • Information System perceived narrowly as a cost, not an innovation driver. 
  • Data scattered and under-leveraged across various databases. 

Modernization of Information
Systems and Data Management 

Data Culture Evolution & Support

  • Shifted from traditional data handling on PivotTables to Power BI for advanced analytics. 
  • Implemented accurate, real-time tracking for operational teams. 
  • Adopted proactive project management, enhancing client trust. 

Data Governance 

  • Comprehensive mapping of IS including data, applications, and workflows. 
  • Achieved GDPR compliance and met contractual obligations. 
  • Enhanced data security and communication protocols. 

Data Management

  • Developed a Datalake framework for seamless, real-time data management 
  • Used PostgreSQL for robust geospatial data storage and PowerAutomate for agile data integration. 

Data Exploitation 

  • Developed custom Power BI reports for specialized insights. 
  • Customized data access levels for user-specific granularity. 
  • Established SharePoint sites for streamlined access and management. 

The Outcomes

Reduced operational budget by 30%,
from €1.5M to €1M, via: 

  • Decreased hosting costs. 
  • Improved data utilization and efficiency. 
  • Introduced real-time, dynamic dashboards. 
  • Strengthened customer trust and minimized contractual penalties. 
  • Significantly improved internal communication between teams and management. 

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