Clients stories

Project scope

Our Client’s Challenges

For a leading public transport provider, fulfilling governmental requirements for daily and on-demand data delivery was crucial. Yet, they had processes that were not only slow but also detrimental to timely data access and innovation. This situation demanded an urgent and strategic overhaul to align their operations with the fast-paced demands of modern public transportation and governance.

  • Limited internal expertise in big data 
  • Extended data processing timings 
  • Challenges in data accessibility for business units 
  • Outdated technology leading to increased maintenance costs 

Our Solution

Developed a new architecture and optimized big data processing workflows, including a strategic migration to boost performance and cut costs, while while guiding the teams through the change process to ensure smooth adoption.

Project Audit Insights

  • Assessed several Big Data applications for performance, availability, and support. 
  • Identified and resolved performance bottlenecks through targeted optimizations and technology upgrades. 
  • Ensured data quality, integrity, and accessibility through operational maintenance. 

Data Management Strategy

  • Enhanced data pipelines using Azure Databricks for efficient processing. 
  • Generated Power BI reports for real-time monitoring of sales and validation data. 
  • Streamlined data ingestion processes, emphasizing integration, consolidation, and purification.

Change Management & Data Culture

  • Leveraged Power BI, and other internal software for advanced data visualization. 
  • Facilitated a cultural shift towards self-service BI, aiding departmental adoption. 
  • Provided enterprise support, facilitating the testing and rollout of new applications to enhance business process efficiency.

Client Benefits

  • Data processing time divided by 4 
  • Achieved early morning data access (7 AM instead of 2 PM). 
  • Stabilized the technical infrastructure, minimizing downtime. 
  • Established a steering committee for improved data team and business unit collaboration. 

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