Clients stories

IVY Partners leads the modernization of the maintenance management system (CMMS) of a European airport to optimize the maintenance of its airport infrastructures.

Project scope

Our client, a fast-growing European airport, needed an optimized CMMS that could keep pace with its expansion, handle an increasing array of assets, and uphold international standards of aircraft safety and airworthiness. They also required a system that improved overall maintenance management while limiting downtime and boosting user satisfaction.

The project encompassed over 200 users, demanding a comprehensive blend of technical upgrades and skillful change management.

Our Solution

Our methodology encompassed two primary pillars:

Even when the initiative aligns with the client’s best interests and has been decided upon by leadership, resistance to change remains strong, especially when individuals have been accustomed to working in the same manner for years.

Deployment of Training Program

  • Analysis of user habits, challenges associated with change, and specific training needs
  • Comprehensive training on software usage across all organizational levels and service providers.

User Engagement

  • Active involvement of users during the testing phase to collect their feedback and adjust the solution accordingly.
  • Valuing user feedback to ensure a holistic approach making the process more inclusive and tailored to actual needs.

Evaluation and Customization

  • Analysis of the specific needs of each department to evolve the CMMS solution.
  • Development of a precise specification to integrate new features, individualized to each department, to improve the work of each teams.

Technical Update

  • Technical updates and migration of two versions of the CMMS software.
  • Smooth integration of the new system with other operational tools.

Management of Service Provider

  • Implementation of solutions to accommodate a growing number of service providers who previously did not use the CMMS, causing a significant loss of data information.
  • Creation of profiles and specific access for external providers, thus ensuring accurate transcription of data into the CMMS.

Revitalization of the Maintenance Service Portal

  • Update of the internal maintenance service portal to facilitate the submission of requests by users.
  • Integration of the portal with the CMMS to promote additional automation, thus creating a more intuitive and responsive interface for managing maintenance requests.

Key achievements of the project

Ivy Partners’ proactive and user-centered change management approach turned initial doubts and apprehensions into user satisfaction and endorsement.

Improved Stakeholder Satisfaction: Our efforts ensured that departmental needs were heard and addressed, resulting in a significant increase in stakeholder satisfaction.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The improved version of CMMS allowed for better inventory management, maintenance planning, and real-time insights, which facilitated future needs prediction, improved cost management, and facilitated the visibility of equipment lifespan.

Robust Integration and Automation: Our solution promoted seamless integration of services and automated various processes, contributing to the effectiveness of the airport’s maintenance activities.

In conclusion, Ivy Partners’ user-focused approach to digital transformation was well-received, significantly enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of a major European airport’s maintenance system. The aviation industry, known for its rigorous standards and rapid growth, demands partners that not only understand its intricacies but also proactively address the evolving challenges.

This success underscores our commitment to helping our clients navigate the complexities of digital transformation while maintaining a human-centric approach.

Is your organization ready to elevate its maintenance management system to meet the challenges of growth and technological advancement? Contact us today to discover how we can tailor our digital transformation solutions to your unique needs, ensuring operational excellence and user satisfaction.

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