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Women make up less than 30% of the tech workforce. The lack of representation of women in this sector can be explained from an early age.

According to the Gender Scan 2021 study conducted in France among middle and high school girls and students, only 7% of young girls plan to engage in Science and Technology studies, compared to 30% of boys.

The reasons mentioned are often a stereotypical vision of digital roles, and a lack of confidence and support to embark on an IT career. To reverse this trend, it is important to make young women aware of IT professions from an early age.

Meet Carolina Nogues, IT apprentice at Ivy Partners who is currently studying Computer Science. She shares with us her journey, the motivations that led her to move towards digital, and her advice for all the other girls who would like to do the same.

What is your background?

I am in the 3rd year of my CFC informatics degree in application development. Then, I plan to pursue my studies in software development to deepen my knowledge and, possibly, a master’s degree. But that’s for later.

What skills do you need to be a developer?

You need to be curious and enjoy finding solutions to problems. It also requires creativity and a certain logic. But these are things that anyone can train for. So even if we think we won’t make a good developer or that it’s not for us, we can do it.

Do you find it more difficult for women to study IT?

In my class, we are 2 women and 14 men. It is clear that there is a difference, but it does not have to be equal in parity just for the sake of it. The important part is that people do what they want, regardless of gender.

Why did you choose to pursue a career as a developer?

Because I am a very creative person, I have thousands of ideas that go through my head every day, and I will be able to realize them thanks to this job. As one of my good teachers said, “If you can imagine it, you can create it.”

When I was younger, I wanted to do my own scripts for a video game I played. That’s how  I discovered the world of code and started tapping a bit. After that, I realized all the possibilities programming offered, and I knew that was what I wanted to do with my life.

Women in IT : developer

Did you have someone who inspired or supported you during your studies or made you want to work in IT?

Unfortunately no, no one around me works in IT. When I started to make scripts, I started learning about programming. It was then that I discovered the C language and began learning it on my own. Then I researched where I could study programming, and that’s how I learned about IT apprenticeship. 

How does it feel to be a woman in IT?

For me, it’s completely normal. I just chose a career that interests me, something that excites me.

What would be your advice for having more women in the IT field?

There are already girls’ coding clubs, like the one at EPFL dedicated to girls aged 11 to 16, which is a great initiative. It allows you to discover the profession and see if you like it. But there are also small things we can do personally, like talking about the code to people around us and showing them. It might interest them!

What would you say to girls today who want to start an IT career?

I will tell them not to be afraid and that they can do it! If you’re passionate about it, go for it. You will reach the goal. It is simpler than it seems.

Why did you make this choice of apprenticeship and not a university course?

Of course, it is essential to learn the theory, but I especially wanted to practice. That’s how I really know about the developer role. I also wanted to get some valuable professional experience before looking for my first job after completing my studies. It is through practice that we learn the most.

Working at Ivy Partners, I have worked on many exciting projects, and I’m trained by experienced developers who are helping me develop my skills and learn so much!

Want to join a company who is committed to help reduce the parity gap in the tech industry by empowering women and providing a supportive and caring environment? Learn more about our values, and what it’s like to work at Ivy Partners.

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