Clients stories

IVY Partners has partnered with a leading luxury watch company to deliver a comprehensive Business Intelligence solution, enhancing their decision-making tools and optimizing business operations.

Project Overview

  • Users: 2000+
  • Industry: Luxury Watchmaking
  • Location: Switzerland

Our client’s challenges

  • Outdated Reporting Systems : resulting in delays and lack of real-time data analysis.
  • Manual Processes : Time-intensive and more susceptible to mistakes.
  • High Data Volumes : Complicated system integration and unified views across units
  • Data Compliance & Security : Expansion increased the need for robust data protection.
  • Inadequate KPI :Poor tracking of key metrics impacted strategic planning and operational improvement.

Data Intelligence Solution

To address these challenges, IVY Partners developped a comprehensive Business Intelligence solution that would empower various business units within the company to effectively manage daily operations and gain valuable insights from historical data.

The objective was to streamline and enhance reporting tools, models, and KPIs definition, as well as to modernize existing reports for increased transparency and reliability.

  • User-Focused Web-Based Reporting

Our design approach prioritized intuitive web-based reporting interfaces, featuring KPIs, visualizations, and data tables tailored for easy access. These user-friendly tools facilitate decision-making and operational efficiency.

  • Complete Data Management

IVY Partners served as a comprehensive partner, responsible for managing the specification of requirements, overseeing development, ensuring smooth integration, and providing operational maintenance for the developed reports, thus ensuring a seamless data management process.

  • User Adoption Facilitation

We encouraged user adoption, oversaw testing and acceptance phases, and provided essential BI training, all while ensuring operational continuity through thorough documentation.

  • Robust Technological Framework

Our solution leveraged top-tier technologies like IBM Cognos Analytics 11, Microsoft Power BI, Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Data Catalog, all interconnected via REST APIs.

The outcomes

  • Innovative Reporting: New and enhanced BI reports and dashboards featuring actionable insights for strategic decisions.
  • Legacy Management: Legacy systems were seamlessly integrated into the broader Data Intelligence ecosystem to maximize their utility. Continuous updates and maintenance for existing reporting systems to maintain accuracy and relevance.
  • Automated Report Sharing: Implementation of automated email distribution reports to delivering crucial information to relevant stakeholders when needed.
  • On-Demand Reporting: users can now create customized BI reports from existing frameworks, driving greater efficiency and analytical agility.

Key Business Impacts

  • Inventory Management: Streamlined inventory by tracking product demand, stock turnover, and levels, minimizing storage costs and loss from outdated stock.
  • Quality and Precision Enhancement: Improved production quality and precision by analyzing data on manufacturing defects and machine performance, reducing repair costs.
  • Sales Performance Analysis: Offered real-time insights into sales trends and distribution channels to improve sales strategies and increase revenue.
  • Enhanced Regulatory Compliance: Reduced risks and adherence to quality and safety standards through accurate reporting and reliable audits
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Supported informed strategic decisions with accurate data, reducing risks and reliance on assumptions.

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